To the Editor:

By now, everyone is aware that three American college students were caught stealing in China and subsequently released, thanks in part to the president’s intervention.

I said stealing because whether it is $1 or $1,000, if one takes property that is not theirs, it is in fact stealing.

The parent of one of the students responded to the incident by saying that shoplifting is no big deal, especially where he comes from.  

That may be true, but shoplifting in WalMart, gas stations or dollar stores is not the same as doing it in a foreign country where the accused can be held indefinitely waiting for a trial.  

Mr. Lavar Ball, by his statements, gave us a glimpse into his childhood and some of the values he has instilled in his children.

I wonder if he has knowledge of the young American who was arrested and jailed for stealing a poster in North Korea (to bring back as a souvenir).

Sadly, he is no longer among the living, dying shortly after he was returned, in serious physical condition.

Mr. Ball, in my opinion, appears to be an ungrateful, self-centered individual who is trying to cash in on his son’s talent, as evidenced by his attempts to market basketball sneakers with his older son’s signature before he even played a game in the NBA.

By condoning theft, he sets a poor example as a man and as an African-American father.

P. C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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I'm sure what the writer was trying to say is that Lavar Ball is an idiot and President Trump should not have interfered and left the three idiots to rot in a Chinese prison.


Mr. Santiago, first; slavery is over – no one must be grateful to Mr. Trump, second; “By condoning theft, he sets a poor example as a man and as an African-American father.” Seriously, seriously, seriously… you really need to look in the mirror. What does being an African-American father have to do with this issue? If you are going to disparage or belittle Mr. Ball, do it as if he’s a father. His race should have nothing to do with your comments; or did you mean to group all African-American fathers into you statement?

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