To the Editor:

You come home and find your home has been invaded.

It has been ransacked.

The computer is on, displaying your Social Security number and credit card accounts.

Your 17 neighbors tell you that they know the invader and they have proof. You call the police to investigate.

The police check it out.

They say that the alleged culprit denies it.

The 17 neighbors again tell you that they know the invader.

But the police chief says he spoke to the invader personally and he was “very powerful” in his denial.

The police chief says it might have been Iran or China or a 400-pound man sitting on his bed.

What do you do?

 Your house has been vandalized, items stolen but the chief of police again says the invader denies any knowledge of the invasion.

The invader is on the loose and in the neighborhood and you might be targeted again!

You feel the chief of police, the chief law enforcement officer, should conduct a thorough investigation.

He should make a statement to the whole neighborhood, warning them and give them information on what plans he has to defend the neighborhood.

However, the chief law enforcement officer, sitting in his Oval Office, does nothing except continue to deny who invaded your home.

Do you feel abandoned now?

Pam Neal


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