To the Editor:

Every American had better wake up and read and watch the news every day. The newly elected president just disallowed CNN, The New York Times and several other news organizations into the White House daily briefings.

Our Constitution gives us a free press. There is no way we can allow some dictator wanna be to choose who he wants to write his news.

He did choose to let Breitbart News into the briefing. His top adviser, Steve Bannon, was the head of that supremacist group before joining the Trump team. Bannon just told the news reporters it was going to get much harder on them.

This is the exact action every dictator has done. Trump even uses almost the same words as Hitler did when he says the news is lying to you and the news is not your friend.

News reporters are one of the key elements of our freedom check on politicians and other wrong doing acts by local and national politicians.

People, we must tell the Congress to stop this now or we will by removing them and him.

Jim Denton


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Dr Strangelove

@Yogi Puleeeezeeeee! What an orgy of buffoonery!


Mr. Denton,

I'm sure you took notice of the replies. There is one deflection, followed by 4 comments littered with insults and name-calling. Welcome to Trump's "Make Amerika Hate Again".
It's a sad state of affairs when keyboard commandos attempt to degrade a person for their opinion. I wonder if the commandos are proficient in Russian, and KGB tactics, or just sniping insults, while drinking red Kool-Aid?
Several of them are still rollicking in the Sexual Predator-In-Chief's Electoral College win, all the while forgetting that HRC won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. Let me finish with a quote from a Twitter source " The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy."..


My question was not a deflection but rather a starting point for debate. I see you deflected from answering it.

But, that's okay. The question serves its purpose without an answer. It exposes the Left's hypocrisy ...The hypocrisy you confirmed with your "sexual predator" remark. A sexual predator for "First Dude" would have been totally acceptable to you Lefties.

I noticed you also deflected the real reason Hillary is not President.


I'm sorry, I thought it was reasonably clear my comments were directed to Mr. Denton, or are you that narcissistic that you have to try and get the "last word in", as well as having the uncontrollable delight in injecting your comment(s) and biased opinion, even when something is not directed at you?
Drink up, Comrade.. There's always more, from your Orange Czar..
Have yourself a lovely day.. [smile]


Apology accepted. I guess you didn't realize this is an "open" forum where everyone is free to respond even if the accusation is done indirectly.

From your response, I see hurling accusations is your forte.


If you are worried about our president becoming a dictator, why did you spend the last eight years giving Obama more power?

Dr Strangelove

Stalin reportedly called American liberals, “Useful idiots.” Looks like this guy from Gatesville is one of them.


You really are a pathetic and deluded left wing extremist. I applaud Trump for limiting access to the liars of our propaganda media. They are unwatchable and unreadable. If they want access, all they have to do is stop being disciples of Joseph Goebbels and actually start telling the truth. You throw the word dictator around and you evidently have no idea what it means.


More rants and ravings from Gatesville's registered snowflake.


Who are YOU to tell us what to do, you intolerant, arrogant fascist?

Keep your delusional, psychotic ramblings to yourself. Do the same with your pathetic threats; YOU LOST this election and elections have consequences.

The new president, with his pen and phone, can decide who gets a seat and who doesn't. Don't like it? Then have your precious "free press" act with integrity for a change, or put a better candidate up for election next time.

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