To the Editor:

I would like to thank the Killeen Daily Herald for your full coverage of the Hasan trial. Of course, this is our community and you are doing what you should do. But, I have been extremely dismayed by the lack of national coverage of this event. Recent trials in Florida and Arizona have had 24-7 coverage on the national main-stream media outlets — but not so for the Hasan trial. Why is that? Surely the American people are interested in the health and welfare of our soldiers. Surely there are the compelling human interest stories in the lives and families involved in this terrible situation. Surely people care!

Why the lack of interest? Are Americans war-weary? Are they tired of hearing about issues related to terrorism? Is this somehow connected to political correctness? I would assume the major news outlets would cover the trial more completely if the public interest was there. Where are the protesters from D.C. for this trial? Where is the public outcry?

I do appreciate the efforts of our local and state leaders as they attempt to assist the community and, most importantly, the families involved.

Diane Campbell


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there was no desire to give hasan an audience.


My opinion-advertising mass murders-inspires other mass murdering individuals. They are an inspiration to other sick people. They don't deserve recognition thru media advertising. All the public really needs to hear about is what punishment terrorists will get. Hope the victims will be allowed to carry on with their lives.

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