Reader critical of Senate bill that would gut Endangered Species Act

To the Editor:

The editorial, “Congress must not kill law that saves species” in last Friday’s (Feb. 24) edition of the Killeen Daily Herald was excellent. Thank you for posting it. Since the beginning of the year, opponents of the Endangered Species Act have wasted no time launching legislative attacks against specific species protected by the law and against the law itself under the guise of “modernizing” it. Senate bill 164, dubbed the “War on Wolves Act,” is a legislative dagger pointed at the heart of the Endangered Species Act.

Not only does S.164 threaten the continued existence of wolves after the nation spent millions of dollars bringing them back from the brink of extinction, but it also does something else that should alarm all Americans. S.164 effectively strips away our democratic right to hold our government accountable. That’s right! This bill includes a “Shall not be subject to judicial review” provision that, if signed into law, would make it impossible for any citizen to challenge the decision in court. If President Trump wants to “drain the swamp,” vetoing this dangerous bill and any other that comes to his desk for signature bearing the provision “Shall not be subject to judicial review” would send a powerful message to Congress that he intends to protect the democratic rights of the American people.

In the meantime, collectively, we can send a message of our own to Congress telling our representatives that we will not tolerate any attempt to dismantle the Endangered Species Act at the expense of wolves or any other endangered species. Call or write Sen. Cornyn and Cruz and urge them to vote NO on S.164.

Waldo Montgomery


Gatesville reader says give Medicare to everyone, regulate drug prices

To the Editor:

Why are Republicans wasting millions of dollars trying to replace “Obamacare”?   It is really very simple to replace Obamacare. Just give Medicare to everyone and require that all medicine prices are controlled by the government. President Trump claims he is great at making deals — OK, show us. The system is already there, so no need to waste millions of dollars and time trying to figure out something else. It also is better than Obamacare. All that is needed is some Medicaid for those who cannot afford to pay the 20 percent after Medicare.

Voila! You are finished and everyone is happy.

Jim Denton


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