To the Editor:

I grew up seeing women who got pregnant and did not want the baby, were too young, or could not afford to raise a child. They would go to people who would use coat hangers on the women to abort the fetus.

Some of the young women got blood poisoning and could not have children again. Some even died.

But then there were poor women who had no choice to go to a doctor. Doctors would not do abortions.

The WASP (white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant) women went to Europe to abort unwanted pregnancies or to go to a dark unclean room where they would use a coat hanger again.

Women should not have to go through this, but thanks to the Republicans and tea party, the safe, clean abortion clinics are being closed.

Women will have to go back to the dark places or hundreds of miles for an unwanted pregnancy.

Women should have a choice to choose things dealing with their bodies.

I don’t like abortion, but I do not want a baby mistreated or killed.

Why should women have to go back to the coat hangers because the people who could care less about fetuses or babies only think a fetus should be born?

They would not take a minority baby home to their families.

Why do Republican men want to tell women what should be done with their bodies and their lives?

Again the “Red State of Texas” will show the country not women’s rights, but Republican and tea party rule.

Milton Powell


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How many of you baby murderers clamoring for "choice" ever asked the baby what his choice was?


Seems that a 20 week cut off for abortions is a reasonable compromise. Given the knowledge and widespread availability of birth controls chemicals and techniques, abortion should be very rare.


Here is a copy of a letter I wrote to Sandy Davis ( whom I will support as governor ) Not e I too was called a baby killer and had nasty things throw at me when I came back for Vietnam from doing my duty to my country

Sandy to counter the anti women GOP . Please Intrude a law in the next session of legislature and have your supporters push and advertise for the law now so as to embarrass the GOP show the GOP being the anti women bigots they are and help Hillary carry the State of Texas.

Name the Law the DEADBEAT DADDY law.
The Dead beat daddy law would abolish the sonic test women must now pay to take and replaced with the State of Texas to pay for free DNA test on any women if they chose to see whom the daddy is .

And as a results of those test if the dead beat refuses to marry the women and raise his child in a civilized way . Then the Dead Beat daddy will pay for his being neutered at a vet of the states choice. And also fined 100,000 dollars and to also pay for the hospital cost of birth and pay compensations to both the child and mother until the child gets his or hers third Social Security payment.
And the law would apply to all courts and Prosecutors in Texas to be enforced.

As it is backward Texas still takes a mans word that he never knew the lady, but he heard bad things about her. And the GOP gives him a free ride to screw the women twice by denying his part in being the daddy.

Today DNA is used as the best ID evidence in our courts today.
Since it takes2 to make a baby Texas only blames the female but DNA test would show that in fact 2 people were involved and the male with GOP blessing have been using women as they use them in the Middle East .

Dr Strangelove

So Smithjr38 you'd rather kill the baby? Oh by reading your comment are you smoking NAM POT because I still think you're high on something.


Texas is not the only state that is passing abortion laws so when you leave check to see if the state you are going to has passed the same law. There are choices, first the choice of not having sex in the first place and getting pregnant, also you can choose birth control if you can't control having sex. NO WAY SHOULD A BABY BE KILLED AFTER 20 WEEKS. Make choices before you get that way and then you won't have to kill a baby.

Dr Strangelove

Oh please I don’t believe half of what you wrote. There is no such thing as a safe abortion mill—THEY ARE KILLING BABIES!!! I agree with Bubba you can get out of Texas.

The lawyer later said they he lied about the millions of back alley abortions.


Milton I notice you are already here. Guess your mother didn't share your propensity for murder, did she. In all the whining and bleating about "choice" I don't recall anyone ever asking the baby what his choice was. Abortion is not a choice issue and only liars say that is the case. The issue is murdering a baby.


Last time I checked, the roads leading OUT of the state were open.

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