To the Editor:

In a cowardly action, the city of Copperas Cove fired the Economic Development Director Marc Farmer.

It was claimed for poor performance though many members on the City Council and others stated publicly that Marc had been doing a good job despite the circumstances surrounding the previous leadership of the EDC.

Is it a coincidence that Mr. Farmer was fired the very next day after the failure of the city to convince the citizens to move from an EDC to an MDD that was defeated handily by several hundred votes?

This city has not done well in their timing of letting people go who stand in the way of what they want to happen. Marc Payne was let go after a messy city council meeting.

They could have very easily let Mr. Payne finish his term as a member the EDC board of directors but actually had a vote to remove him that caused a serious rift between council members that saw him being removed over the same behavior that was exhibited by other city staff when they didn’t get their way.

I am ashamed of the City of Copperas Cove that they would allow something like this to happen.

I hope that the citizens who have suffered through mismanagement and bitter infighting finally hold those who are supposed to work for them accountable.

Everybody who works for the city has a boss, and that boss is the citizens.

Jimmy R. Hammond


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Well written, Mr. Hammond. The City Manager needs to simply go. She is trying to turn this city into her own little empire.

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