To the Editor:

Critical thinking by and large, is a highly independent personal endeavor in order to gain some traction in a given subject of vital interest to humankind.

It does not normally have anything to do with politics or party affiliation because what is being sought in the end is the beneficial outcome of such an endeavor.

To denigrate it with the personal perception that it has been used to support one’s political party over another can easily become a veiled attempt to put another person down. I sense the effort has become a negatively personal one.

Critical thinking is a crucial discipline in practically all of life’s undertakings.

That’s why we have persons who almost always are prone to think “outside the box” — the so-called nonconformists in search of a viable answer to an issue. They are those who win Nobel prizes and those who vain worldwide and positive recognition, usually very humble and understandably devoid of boastful pride.

This stance applies in the field of religion, and the sciences, and the matters concerning our health, and ultimately the survival of our planet earth

Bonifacio B. Mequi


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