To the Editor:

Organized labor, or the unions, is out of control, and the president has given them the green light to enforce their brand of worker rights.

Their rights are not being threatened. The rights of free people who don’t choose to join their ranks are being threatened, and the remaining rights of all Americans are threatened as well.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of “right to work” laws or even if you are a union member, no true American who loves freedom or appreciates what remains of it, can approve of thug tactics and bullying such as we witnessed in Michigan on Tuesday. 

The unions have little interest in worker rights or even the betterment of their members. They have evolved to be nothing more than self-serving large Political Action Groups that garnish wages from members to contribute to the Democrats regardless of what party their members belong to.

Even if you are a Democrat, and you are truly interested in justice and freedom, you cannot approve of this legalized thievery and denial of free choice.

Freedom of choice would not be an issue if unions were seen in a more positive light.  

At one time in our nation’s history, the unions were the salvation of the abused exploited workers. Over time, the old axiom “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” is borne out by the behavior of the unions.

Even in the cesspool of Detroit, the city council of corrupt, incompetent crooks cannot make changes that benefit the city, because the municipal worker unions won’t budge from their positions as what remains of their city rots around them.

This behavior is gross evidence of our degraded nation, and the worst is yet to come.

May God help us as we surrender to greed.

Don Fender


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After the 2008 election,President Obama made the statement he was going to need a ' civilian' type 'army' to help keep control of 'situations' in the country.-

Maybe what happened in Detroit this past week w/ the state voting in a right to work law, was considered one of those situations.
Maybe the thugs who were acting as if they were animals even to destoying the hot dog cart and coffee urns, of the older black man who was there working ,maybe some of them were part of that army talked of in 2009.- I don't think they were all union members,even though the unions can become rather strong arm themselves. But I believe many in the 'union crowd' weren't union members at all but trouble makers brought in to reck havoc.

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