To the Editor:

Jonathan Bernstein’s column titled “Trump’s harsh views could sink GOP in 2018 midterms” appears in ViewPoints, page A7 of the Herald’s Saturday, Jan. 13 edition.

He describes President Trump’s many shortcomings with a liberal’s bent. According to Bernstein, Mr. Trump is a bigot, has low approval rating according to some polls, alienates people, and governs in an unprecedented style.

Mr. Bernstein paints Mr. Trump as boorish to say the least.

This is how he defends his premise that President Trump will sink the GOP in 2018 elections.

I do not agree. If you think as far back as Bush 41, Clinton 42, Bush 43 and Obama 44, the common criticism running through all these administrations from the American voter has been, “It’s the economy, STUPID!”

None of these former presidents ever got the message. They were either too dumb or too ideologically distracted to take on the American economy.

Yes, I understand many people felt President Barack Obama’s bailout of the automobile industry in the early part of his administration was a success.

After that, he pretty much ignored the American economy like those before him.

President Trump knows that the economy’s success will make or break his presidency. He gets it.

Yes, his ways are unprecedented, harsh and boorish at times; however, the American economy is soaring after just one year of his attention.

If this continues, the hope the Democrats now have to gain seats in the House and Senate will be a lost.

I believe most Americans in the “flyover states” are tired of the social justice, social engineering and political “doublespeak” of the liberal politicians in Congress, whether Democrat or Republican. I know I am!

I am sorry Mr. Bernstein, but “it is the economy, stupid!”

George Van Riper

Harker Heights

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