To the Editor:

In the May 30 edition of the Killeen Daily Herald, there was a letter concerning the IRS scandal and its attack on liberty and free speech.

In retrospect I do agree with the substance of this letter, but I must challenge this person on the important fact that could, in some cases, mislead readers. The Constitution does not state “to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Rather, it is stated in the Declaration of Independence.

The writer stated that these rights are inalienable because of the Constitution, but I must differ in their targeted point. The reason I have these rights is not because a government says I have them or that a paper says I deserve them. It is because these rights are God given and cannot be taken away by any just form of government without due process.

So the notion of a paper preserving my God-given rights is simply not true.

Ryan Turck


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OK. These rights include the right to keep and bear arms.

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