To the Editor:

The future scenario related to Syria will feature technical bickering that ensures the United States will come out feckless in the Middle East.

The United States already has so much invested in Syrian disarmament of chemical weapons that Assad must stay in power to provide some diplomatic success.

This reality demonstrates what happens when shooting from the lip while, in fact, there is no intention to back up statements with power.

What goal does the United States have for Syria?

The United States is mindlessly being “boxed” into unprecedented humiliation at best now and disaster at worst in future international confrontations.

(Secretary of State) John Kerry portrays a facade of toughness that the situation is under control with cartoon-like public statements, for example, “This is not a game!”

Empty pseudo-heroic comments will not matter when it comes time stand up and be counted.

Potential and current adversaries must believe the United States or, as history has recorded, the situation simply becomes more untenable.

Richard Lamb

Harker Heights

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