To the Editor:

The letter to the editor in support of the Iraq War (KDH, April 14) disregards the facts pertaining to the legality of that war.

Numerous legal experts, including those of the UK, U.S, and many other countries declared the war to be illegal. Also, it violated the U.N. Charter as it wasn’t approved by the U.N.

Even a member of the Bush administration stated the war was illegal but justified.

A retired CIA official stated on TV that the Bush administration was informed before the invasion of Iraq that they had proof there were no weapons of mass destruction there, and was informed a regime change was decided on.

A pre-emptive war is against international law and against the United Nations. And U.N. inspectors in Iraq were given complete access to search anywhere in Iraq for WMDs. Also, many retired U.S. generals and diplomats came out publicly against the Iraq War.

The U.S. has made the same mistakes that other countries have made down through history, becoming involved in quagmire wars in Korea, South Vietnam after France withdrew, and in Iraq and Afghanistan after the British and the Soviet Union withdrew. Costly wars in lives and trillions of dollars.

World War II ended in less than four years of U.S. fighting.

The war in Korea still hasn’t officially ended, and we still have forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.

At the rate our country is progressing, it will not be great a fraction of the period the Roman Empire lasted.

Ron Brown


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The opinions of paid consultants, the UN, "legal experts", or others are irrelevant. The sad and sorry TRUTH is that the CONGRESS of the United States authorized the President to take military action against those entities that attacked this country on 9-11. That is what happened. We found all the pieces and parts of an active WMD program in Iraq, and it is documented that the regime was hiding Al Qaeda in Iraq and supporting them as well, following 9-11, prior to our liberation of the Iraqi people. The US does not need the permission of legal experts or the UN to defend ourselves and destroy our enemies. Those who believe we do need someone's permission or a favorable pundit review prior to defending the American people need to figure out which country they would prefer to live in and go there.


most people must have had their head in the sand to have missed the approval by the congress, also the backing of Senator Clinton, Kerry and of course Bill Clinton. Most just don't want to believe that Saddam was a bad fellow supporting terror. They just look for occasions to put someone down, I always hear the sorry excuse, it was not a just war. ask anyone that have served in any war was it just. war in the mind of many is looked on as a Hollywood movie. The Air force should have level the place, then the soldiers on the ground sent in. Then reason for war is to break the will of the enemy. not enable him.

Dr Strangelove

I had to go to my bookcase and check the Constitution of the United States; nowhere does it say we bow down to the United Nations. We will do what’s needed to preserve our FREEDOM! As soon as I saw the word “quagmire” I knew you’re one of those Jane Fonda types. You talk about Korean and Vietnam but didn’t mention Central America! I was over there on a few of those fighting Cuban and Soviets troops right below the lower Mexican border. Communism was advancing in Southeast Asia, Africa, Central America etc. There was this thing called the Cold War the Communists were advancing toward our border. We stopped them cold with the help of President Reagan. While you hippies were back here burning college campuses, smoking your dope saying stuff, “Off The Pigs man” in the luxury of freedom we the military has provided you. The majority of the countries in UN hate the United States so you hippies need to put down your joints, get sober, and look at the real world, I agreed with the Romans keep it over there not in our homeland other than that we are not like the Romans, we don’t go in and slaughter entire cites if they don’t bow down to us. Peace through superior firepower will set you free!

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