To the Editor:

Those citizens who care about their city should visit the city website and listen to the workshop recording of this Tuesday’s meeting.

During the workshop, City Manager Ron Olson presented his proposal for 20 new and/or updated financial policies. I strongly believe that the policies presented at the workshop, if approved, show great potential for fixing the city’s spending problem!

The fact that Mr. Olson was already working on fixing many of the problems uncovered during the audit gives me hope that the city of Killeen is embarking on a new and sustainable path to financial stability.

It is clear that the city will now benefit considerably more than the cost of that audit and the citizens of Killeen will reap a great benefit as well.

Kudos to Mr. Olson and the staff working these policies.

James ‘Jack’ Ralston


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Sadly the person that wrote this, is paid to write these. See it was clear that he or she is by the tone of the wording.
City council, our mayor, and the NAACP are starting to become worried that they are all going to end up voted out or worst, by being removed.
Anything they can do to reassure those that were paid for their votes are unethical and corrupt leaders will do.

Once again its time to remove these kings and queens from their thrones and LOCK them Up.

Enough is enough when it comes to wasteful spending, illegal hiring practices and so on. Lets not forget the these are all the same people that have climb into the bed of blue policies to get re-elected.


This is the personal opinion of this writer.

I have listened to a portion of this workshop presentation and will surmise the following;

Question: 'How many sets or pieces of this body armor to be provided?
How many sets or pieces of this body already in the possession of the KPD and when was it purchased?
Why is it required to officially increase the annual city budget for something that is fully provided for by a grant?
As it occurred just 6 weeks after the official start of the October I, 2017 – September 30, 2018 annual budget, why was it not considered for being part of the aforementioned annual budget?

Another note:

There was not a PowerPoint Presentation provided. When someone is mentioning Page numbers, it is useless as there is no reference by which one is to gauge this reception.


There was no collective meeting as apparently being dominated by councilman Kilpatrick.

Problems: Mention of various pages being referenced by councilman Kilpatrick.

Question of 'when should the council begin to reference the budget collectively, was stated that the middle of January should be a good start. That is only 3 ½ months into the new budget.

Question: Why is it necessary to 'review the budget' as it is clearly stated in and by the city charter, so whenever something that is not in conformance with the city charter, does it say or stipulate that it is not in conformance with the city charter so this should be a mute point.

Question of city council verses 'whole city council'.

As there, by city charter, 7 members that constitute the city council of Killeen, Texas, and 4 members constitute a quorum thus this charter in conformance with the city charter would constitute what is normally a simple majority, but as the city manager has announced before, this should not be the case in all matters, and that in some cases, a super majority should be called upon. Such would be the case of a simple majority when calling for a vote of the KEDC organization in which the voting members of this organization not be eligible to vote on and in city council action involving the KEDC organization, thus a majority vote would be accessed as 3 out of 5 remaining members, or the institution of a super majority in which it would take a minimum of 6 out of the 7 council members be present and vote.

As to the council and annual budget, Question:

Why can't the city manager and associated staff be 'proactive' instead of 'reactive'? When it comes to forecasting 'what will be the requirements of the various departments that comprise the budget, it is imperative that the various city departments be in tuned so as to foresee what is coming 'down the road', as in the KPD request for additional armor. And so it should be with all departments within the city of Killeen, Texas. A revamp of the existing city charter, which should be conducted by a city ballot, not the 7 council members, and it should cover 'What is the difference between governmental funds verses enterprise funds, in the way they are handled. My opinion is 'they should be handled in the same format, both enterprise funds and governmental funds, and that the level of control be established so as to effectuate the exact same conditions of each. Why not a monthly report that could/would be a report of 'where we are as to progress by the month and progress to date with an estimate as to where this city is in regard to overall performance, 'Proactive' reporting, not regressive reporting,
This gets us back to the method of reporting and should be a study of what this city charter says verses what this city should say.

I am left with the city charter and it's components that differs in the way we should be conducting our business, as we in the past have conducted our business.

This leaves a lot of room to make changes to our way of conducting city business, and it should be done in the very near future.

This has been the personal opinion of this writer and nothing shall be used, in context or without or changed in any way without first notifying, and receiving explicit approval from this writer.
One of the 4.58 % who voted.

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