To the Editor:

Joan and I have waited a long time and continue to wait for marriage equality in Texas.

This Feb. 28 marked our 30th anniversary of loving commitment to each other, without ever having had the legal benefits, protections, and honor and respect of being able to marry.

We decided what better way to celebrate our 30th anniversary than to raise a glass and toast U.S. District Court Judge Orlando Garcia in San Antonio, who recently ruled that the Texas ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

Cheers to Judge Garcia, for clearly stating the obvious. Denying the “right of same-sex couples to marry demean(s) their dignity for no legitimate reason.”

We are thankful and proud to know a Texas judge who is standing in good company with honorable judges across this land, in a growing number of states.

Each one of them has made a similar declaration to what Judge Garcia has written:

“Equal treatment of all individuals under the law is not merely an aspiration — it is a constitutional mandate. Consequently, equal protection is at the heart of our legal system and is essential for the existence of a free society.”

Well said, Your Honor! Who can argue with that statement? The only question now is not IF but WHEN?

We believe Texans will soon see equal marriage in our state and what a great day for justice that will be.

Joan and I, along with our neighbors, our families, friends and our grandchildren, can hardly wait.

Irene Andrews (and Joan Hinshaw)


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