To the Editor:

I am dedicating this letter to all mothers who will be honored today by their children, spouse and families. Mothers, you are blessed. Happy Mother’s Day.

I am writing specifically to all the mothers who have a hole where their hearts used to be. I am writing to mothers like myself who have lost their child or children to untimely and unnatural deaths. I am writing to remind you that the day may still be too raw to be happy, but don’t let it be joyless. You are and will always be a mother.

I am reaching out to mothers like me who live in Mother’s Day limbo. We long for our beloved child/children and even though my child’s body is gone, his memory and heart beats with mine every moment of every day. As long as I live, so does my child.

Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers in Newtown, Arizona, Chicago, Austin, Killeen, the mothers in Cleveland, Ohio, whose daughters missing for 10 years were found. Happy Mother’s Day to mothers in every city, town or neighborhood across this country who will weep, laugh at the good times and if possible, thank our beloved Lord that they had their child, if only for a moment, changing us forever.

Happy Mother’s Day to the men being a mother for a spouse gone or deployed. Happy Mother’s Day to the mother who has lost her child or children to the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and any war in which their beloved child’s life was sacrificed. Happy Mother’s Day to every woman who was biologically blessed to birth a child and those who adopted, fostered, loved and took the responsibility of a child who needed a mother to love, nurture and protect them.

Today remember your mother. Call her, write her, visit her, hug her, love her, fix her dinner or take her to brunch but whatever you do, thank her for your life. If you have lost your mother, think about reaching out to someone who has lost their child. Millions of mothers who need to hear the wonderful words, “Happy Mother’s Day.” Please take a moment and be that voice.

God bless you.

Patricia Muldrow Roberts

Harker Heights

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