To the Editor:

Open letter to Hillary Clinton:

After reading some reviews of your most recent book “Hard Choices,” I was dismayed, touched and actually saddened at the revelation that you and Bill entered the White House broke and left the same way.

In a small way, I would like to help an American icon’s financial recovery. I know that $5 a month is not much, but I’m hoping that 150 million Americans do the same.

Since Bill is an integral part of your political life, I’m calling Texas Gov. Rick Perry and ask that he orders all Texas colleges and universities to invite him for a speech.

Since his price has gone up significantly ($1 million or more per speech, with all expenses paid), it should definitely help.

P.S. There’s a rumor that both you and your spouse are worth in excess of $100 million.

According to some sources, your close associates and advisers are recommending that you pull an Obama and blame Bush.

If anyone out there plans to send Hillary any money, it would be best to send it instead to the Wounded Warrior Project.

retired Master Sgt. Pedro C. Santiago


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Sgt. Santiago stated ;
In a small way, I would like to help an American icon’s financial recovery. I know that $5 a month is not much, but I’m hoping that 150 million Americans do the same.

To which Eliza stated ; --- When Pigs fly- [smile]

But seriously, I don't want ,if I ever did have, Any connection with the Clintons at all, ever ! And especially not since,
reading the new Edward Klein book "Blood Feud' -The feud between the Clintons and the Obamas

and discovered anew, how much influence ,Bill Clinton had in helping get Obama re-elected in 2012.
I feel I and every rational thinking American Voter in the country, have had to pay a high enough price because of the Clintons already , because of Bill's assistance to The Obama re-election..

The deal between the two men ?
You help me get re-elected and I'll work toward helping Hillary get elected in 2016).
Obama and (his guys,) were Highly Worried about the 2012 election.
It wasn't going as well as Obama and (his guys) were portraying to the general public.

The only compensation I have in reading about the deal between Obama (his gang) and the Clintons, is Obama was planning to Dupe Bill and Hillary after he (and his guys) got what they wanted out of Bill..

We all should know the feeling of being duped by this admin., having been there ourselves. Many times. So no, I'm sorry Sgt. ,
I don't feel I need to donate $5.00 to the Clintons, I don't feel the need to even donate 50 cents.

I appreciate your bringing their need to the peoples attention ,But if things are that bad for them, Have Bill and Hillary ask their fancy dancy friends for a loan.

I've already done my good deed for the day, when I was forced to have my tax money go to help pay the electric bills for the oval office while Bill and Monica were having a good old time.

I would advise you to give a 2nd thought to sending them your own $5.00. I don't think the Clintons would really appreciate it.


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