To the Editor:

An American 22-year-old earned 15 years in a North Korean prison. For stealing a poster! Now, he’s in a coma. At what point will it sink in that words and actions matter?

Respect for our own differences and that of other cultures matter. Our relationship with other nations matter and should not be taken lightly. And our young people need to know this ... to be taught this!

This young man has paid the ultimate price for American arrogance and ignorance.

Shiela Spence


Gatesville reader claims mail-in voting would save counties money

To the Editor:

Have you noticed your property taxes have increased? Every year they will continue to increase. Why? Because your county and city needs money to operate.

What can we do to cut costs? Coryell County, which includes Gatesville and a few other small towns, is about to have to spend over $700,000 just to replace worn computer voting machines.

Can you imagine how much people who live in Waco, Temple, Austin, Houston, etc., must pay to do this?

Every county must pay poll workers to work in all the voting places, which costs a lot of money across the state. Every time we vote, it costs millions of dollars to us across Texas. We can use that money for a lot of things we need by simply doing what a lot of states do and that is vote by mail.

Texas does have vote by mail for those 65 years of age and older and handicapped folks, so we already have a system in place. Why not allow everyone to vote by mail? The whole West Coast, Colorado and many other states do that now and save taxpayers a lot of money. All that one has to do is register to vote and then they receive their ballot in the mail. They can sit down at the kitchen table at their convenience. They don’t have to stand in line in the rain or cold or rush home and be down to the voting poll by 7 p.m.

Most states give 15-20 days to return your ballot. We all need to tell our local politicians what we want to do. I ask the editor to please take a survey of your area people and let’s find out if people would rather vote by mail or continue doing what we are doing and print it in the newspaper so all can see.

Jim Denton


Cove reader says complacency fueling current political divide

To the Editor:

Today’s news bombards us with one-sided rhetoric designed to blast the opposition with conspiracy and hearsay. This is true of most outlets on both sides of the political aisle. Combine this with a failing two-party system, the ability to make a 60-year career out of a public office, and the lack of accountability from our political servants, and you get anger and predestined opposition.

I have aided this process through complacency. Complacency because of a somewhat steady financial situation, and the ease of always relying on a great track record for this country I love.

I would also readily admit that I have helped by easily taking sides from my soapbox. I grew up with many conservative beliefs.

While, I still maintain many of these same values, I am trying to teach myself to stand back and ask, “Why does someone else view things the way they do?” I have recently been embarrassed by most angles that both sides of the media have produced.

Both the anti-president talk from many news organizations, or the “he can do no wrong” speech from another should be viewed through clear, unbiased lenses.

I am very proud to be an American, and hope for the day both sides can get through these rough times without needing a disaster to bring us together.

David Jones

Copperas Cove

Reader asks why State Highway 195 isn’t five lanes north of Loop 201

To the Editor:

Just wondering why the city and TxDOT did not make Fort Hood Street / State Highway 195 five lanes heading south as it is on Fort Hood Street north of the loop (Loop 201).

Oh, wait. My wife told me they want to fill up all the businesses first for more tax revenue.

But Elms Road has five lanes,and most of Elms goes through residential areas with six-foot fences.

Talking about Highway 195, in Bell County going south, the highway is very loud and kind of rough, but when you get to the next county (Williamson), it is smooth and quiet all the way to Interstate 35.

I believe if 195 had a center lane south of the loop, there could be a lot of new businesses open.

Chuck Boggs


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Dr Strangelove

Sheila Spence what an orgy of buffoonery!


The only "arrogance and ignorance" I see is the letter wrote by Sheila Spence.


There's something very deeply wrong with this "shiela spence" person. Perhaps a visit to north korea will reinstall in you a love of country you seem to lack. Or perhaps you need medical attention.

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