To the Editor:

A month ago, I insisted that my husband go for his annual physical. After a little wrangling and bribery, the appointment was set and he went in to do lab work. A month later, the bills started arriving. For us, with insurance, the office visit and lab work totaled $341. Over 5 million Texans do not have insurance. For them an annual physical would cost $1,238. We know this is a cost they cannot incur, so they wind up in the Emergency Room with even higher bills.

We as taxpayers pick up the tab in higher premiums, higher deductibles, higher costs out of pocket and higher property taxes. The Affordable Care Act is a first step to repairing this broken system; 13 million people bought insurance through the ACA, proving that if people can afford insurance, they will cover themselves. We keep hearing promises from Republicans that all Americans will have “access” to health care.” Technically, I have “access” to Lamborghinis, but that doesn’t mean I can afford to buy one. The Republican Party’s insistence that buying insurance across state lines is absurd. We can already buy insurance across state lines and nobody likes it. Every state has its own criteria regarding what the insurance companies must cover. I had one of those across-state-lines policies: it was an 80/20 plan. I paid 80 percent and I fought them to pay 20 percent and paid $400 a month for the privilege.

I don’t want to go back to a system that allows insurance companies to charge whatever they want for a policy that covers nothing.

Sandra Blankenship


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This is the personal opinion of this writer.
@Don76550 and @ Bubba1: In this I agree with you. Why do we want a program that forces all of us to carry the burden of the few? And all of this to the expense of the masses who are forced into programs that the cost is elevated over what it should be in the first place.
I believe you yourself stated that 'the people who do not have insurance go to the emegency room where the cost is greater'. Now by that statement alone, what does it tell you, 'That people go into the emergency room for treatment other than go for regular services thereby setting the stage for 'the remainder of the people to pick up the tab for these individuals, thus driving up the cost for everybody'.
This type of program is and has never been good for any and everybody, It's the same program 'that sets the stage for 'soak it to the rich', only it sets the bar down at a level where we all get soaked, not only the rich, but at our level also', and that's the rub, 'why are we being forced to pay someone else's, in this case, medical bills when we can't afford it'.
One of the few who voted.


We, the people, demand immediate, full repeal of this unconstitutional menace to our freedom, and we demand that government get out of our lives. Your ridiculous views are why you didn't have my vote and why you lost the election. The fact that this paper has given you special access for your nonsense only proves that we, the people, are right, and you and and your friends are NOT.


Wrong. We must get rid of this job and healthcare destroying abomination

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