To the Editor:

When I read about all the uproar that the citizenship question created among legal and illegal immigrants, and states with a high concentration of immigrants, I thought it was much ado about nothing.

The federal government has declared many times that it doesn’t share census records.

To be fair, I realized that many undocumented immigrants are asking themselves “Does every questionnaire that has a ‘no’ be used to identify households with illegals?”

I believe that many immigrants do not understand or are familiar with the purpose of a census.

The results of a census determine the distribution of billions of dollars (approximately 700 billion).  It will affect every state and consequently every city/town with a high concentration of immigrants.  

An undercount will affect almost every level of services because the census is the key to distribution based on population.  

California, New York and Texas are the states with the higher number of immigrants living in their state. They should encourage compliance along with Arizona and New Mexico.  In my opinion, California will act as usual — no cooperation.

P.C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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Killeen patriot

I for one think the citizenship questions does not go far enough. We should have census workers go door to door and have the occupants provide documented proof they are a citizen. I mean, if I was here illegally I would just say yes on the census. How would they know if I lied? It is far time that we make the United States a very difficult place to live if you are here illegally. We should quit printing any documents in any foreign languages, except for travel documents. Do away with bilingual phone lines, etc. If you cannot learn the language then you need to leave. We need 100% e-verify, even for farm workers and day laborers. I know we are a country formed by immigrants, but those immigrants got off their boats and stood in lines for days to register (which was the legal way back then) as citizens. It is time to stop handing out services to any person who is not a legal resident. My heart goes out to the children who were brought here by their parents, but it does not change that they are not citizens.


Sir would You take a few minutes and clarify what You identify as immigrants please.
Are You referring to immigrant citizen's or the illegal criminals coming undocumented into Our State of Texas?

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