To the Editor:

In his May newsletter for Military Appreciation Month, Sen. John Cornyn discusses the need for a strong military.

If Senator Cornyn cares about our troops and national security, why isn’t he fighting to address climate change? The Pentagon lists climate change as one of the biggest threats they face.

High-ranking officials agree. Admiral Frank “Skip” Bowman, Rear Admiral David Titley, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson (Colin Powell’s chief of staff), Secretary of Defense James Mattis, former secretaries of state George Schultz and James Baker, and others are concerned.

Our military leaders tell us sea-level rise will put bases underwater. They tell us climate change will multiply threats in vulnerable countries.

They tell us clean energy will make us more independent. If Cornyn wants to protect our military, he must listen to them.

I urge our senator to join the growing bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus and start fighting for our safety.

Sasha West


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Dr Strangelove

Puleeeezeeeee! What about climate change on Mars I don’t think there is too many cars and cows on Mars? Follow the money for climate change it’s a scam also it’s natural not caused by man.


Sasha, you poor little deluded snowflake, man made global warming is not only a gigantic hoax, it is also a religion for the godless far left. Cornyn is concerned by exactly the right thing, prevention of the destruction of our economy over a hoax.



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