To the Editor:

Last September, the City Council of Copperas Cove determined it needed to get out of the leasing business.

Four properties were selected, of which at 2821 Boys Ranch Road was one (Copperas Cove Saddle Club arena). Silent bidding started in January. We found out because one of our members attended the council meeting that day.

On March 21,we informed the city this property was not idle but has been in use for 24 years by CCSC.

April 4, the City Council voted to remove this parcel of land from sale and embraced its continued use by CCSC.

On April 18, the city announced it had to sell this property to pay for a 1 percent cost of living adjustment for city employees.

Shamelessly, the city had its first responders present, demanding the sale go through. CCSC does not begrudge these men and women a raise. But for the city to pit these folks against CCSC was despicable.

One council member stated that he was “ambushed” by the idea of using these monies for COLA.

Another council member stated selling the property was the honorable thing to do.

No, the honorable thing was for city to stand by its original decision.

On May 2, in a very arbitrary and capricious way, the city voted — 3 in favor of the sale and 3 against.

One council member, who historically supported CCSC, was absent, making timing of this vote suspect.

With a tie vote, the mayor, rather than casting the deciding vote and overriding a presumed majority vote, should have postponed further action, allowing the entire council to make this decision.

By voting, the mayor made the ultimate decision — not City Council, thus eliminating this 60-year-old Texas tradition.

We are requesting a recall of this vote until the entire council is present

This Saturday (May 6), the CCSC will have its next event. We invite all who are interested to come see what the club is all about.

Roger Vertrees

Copperas Cove

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Dr Strangelove

Ok maybe the CCSC should pay rent? If they don’t want to pay rent they need to shut up!


I cannot believe the city council did this. Maybe time for another recall. And this time get people in there who will get rid of that city manager.

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