To the Editor:

I enjoyed the letter to editor by Mr, Newton (July 22). Critical thinking is thought by the liberal elite to be the end game for all humanity. If all people would just listen to them, we would all live in a paradise here on good old earth.

However, critical thinking as the educated elite describe it cannot be taught to everyone. Especially in our colleges and universities. A good example is my youngest son’s eighth-grade math teacher. She sent me a note asking me to “do something.” She could not understand why he could not do problems in division and she knew he was smart enough to do them.

It took me about 10 seconds to find the problem. He had never learned the multiplication tables. If you cannot multiply, you have problems trying to do division. He had gone through 7-plus years of school where it was taught memorizing was harmful for  children’s little minds.

So much for critical thinking being taught in our colleges and universities. I bought a set of flash cards. He learned his multiplication tables in two or three hours. End of problem.

E. Mitchell


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Any person with common sense should know that learning begins with memorization of facts. Whether it be in History, Spelling, Math, or any other subject, repetition and memorization of facts has to happen before logical, intelligent "critical thinking" can occur.
As far as charter schools are concerned, most people have no idea of the logistics involved and the problems they will bring. Realistically, staffing, facilities, politics (who is able to go where, why, and how), and financial problems will make charter schools much less than the panacea that many people believe they will be.

Heights Teacher

This "Liberal/Educated Elitist" has been teaching for a couple of decades now and I have never heard of a single teacher dishing out the nonsensical notion that memorization of multiplication tables was harmful to little minds. As far as charter schools, I say bring them on.


You just make the case for school vouchers. The educational malpractice of our government school monopoly would stop overnight if they had competition

Heights Teacher

And how exactly did I "make the case?" Instead of playing the tiring, pointless, never ending "us conservatives vs you liberals", how about setting up a charter school of your own and taking a whack at it? Please!

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