To the Editor:

The DACA situation is sad and touchy but not impossible to take care of.

Suggested solution: If DACA immigrants are in the military, in college and paying their own way, not receiving welfare, if they have no criminal convictions and speak English, then give them the oportunity to earn citizenship.

If they do not speak English at this point but fit the rest of the criteria, then give them two years to learn.

If in that time they do not learn, then along with those who do not fit these requirements then deport them. It is not right that we taxpayers pay for their medical care, food stamps, education etc.

It is sad, but we did not do it to them; their parents are the ones who put them in this situation by coming here illegally.

Furthermore, as for President Trump’s comment on the “s*******” countries,” I would say this: If a country is so far behind or so broke like Mexico, then the people need to clean up their own mess and develop it, not keep running to America because of the goodness of the people.

Our country fought its own battles to make it what it is today. Unfortunately, a certain segment of our country has tried to destroy that, but thank God our president is working hard to make it great again.

Latana St. George



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Killeen patriot

I actually disagree with this article, because there should be no path to citizenship. If they want to become a citizen, then they should have to go back to their country of origin and apply to come here legally. If we make exceptions so that they can stay, then they should not be allowed to vote, they should have to pay back taxes for every year they were here illegally and eligible to vote, they should have at least a high school level education, and there should be no ability for them to utilize chain migration to bring any other relatives to america. The main reason democrats want to legalize DACA recipients is to increase their voting base. If it was truly just about caring for these people who were brought here as children, then they would agree to the wall, an end to chain migration, and mandatory e-verify. Every time this is suggested they balk. Why? they want more illegals to come to america. They want to bring in people who they feel will be democratic voters. If they really wanted just to help the 800,000 dreamers, then they would agree to the things I previously stated.


This is the personal opinion of this writer.

@Shogans01: and @Latana St. Geoorge: I disagree for although they may speak English, they may be in this country as infants driven across our border, and they be residents of our country, that does not qualify them to stay in this country and it takes an American to know one.

First, They would have first notified this country of their 'intent' to come to the United States of America and then have been selected, legally, to come to this country. Then they should be required to 'swear an oath of allegiance' to this country forsaking all others. Then there should be a 'ritualized' mode of conduct that would serve to 'induct' all who want to become an American up to and including an oath of allegiance conducted in the English language.

DACA, as the name implies, are individuals who came here as minors, some only 6 months ago and some that have been in this country for 30 years. Now why would we want to say that 'depending on long the individual has been in this country, this individual should be given a free pass', Why???? This is an illegal who, through no fault of their own', but an illegal none the less and this individual should be deported back to his/her home country.

This country had approximately 500,000 Spanish speaking individuals living in this country and the bulk of them were farm workers. Now we have millions, legal and illegal in this country and speaking forms of all foreign languages. We now have multi cultural documents, including the Drivers license pamphlet of all things. You go to the store and hear all forms of foreign language spoken. Why????

The immigrants who long ago wanted to come to this country seeking 'a better way of life'. But now so many people have came to this country, 'seeking a better way of life', that now it's just words to be uttered as a byline. This country now has so many people of other origins that this phrase has lost meaning, we have been forced to endure 'others' and our way of life, our culture' has become lost as far as the American culture has been extracted by all of the other other cultures that have came to this country and diluted what was once 'the American culture'.

So to enhance that possibility, we should go slowly in the formation of integration in order to effect this possibility. This should be done to effect what was once known 'as the American dream', so that we once again be called 'Proud Americans' for it was once the showcase of the world and could rightly be so now.

This has been the personal opinion of this writer and nothing shall be used, in context or without or changed in any way without first notifying, and receiving explicit approval from this writer.
One of the 4.58 % who voted.


For the most part the dreamers have already met these qualifications. It is apart of the daca process. The problem is the radical part of trumps base want to get rid of as many brown people as possible


Must be an anti-Trumper. No, Trump's base just wants to MAGA and get these leeches off the fed payroll.

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