To the Editor:

My engineer friends tell me that in their field when they find something that works or fits into a design plan perfectly they describe it as “elegant.”

Writing, I believe, is the same. I have been struggling with a way to describe the relationship between today’s Democrats and Republicans.

Oddly, I found an elegant word while reading a Jack Reacher novel titled “Personal” written by Mr. Lee Childs. It is a word totally unfamiliar to me, “internecine.”

Siri, and my ancient paper dictionary, define it similarly: an adjective, something that is destructive to both sides in a conflict.

For example, “Our two political parties have developed an internecine relationship.” Negotiation and compromise is being superseded by gaming and dirty tricks.

I used to vote the person — not the party. Today I don’t. I also do not think I am alone. I believe the mistrust and ill will we are creating is a losing strategy for America.

It will not only destroy our political parties, it will destroy our nation from within. Our enemies will not have to fire a shot. Maybe, that is their plan. It seems to be working!

George Van Riper

Harker Heights

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