Reader says education reform urgent matter for Texas, nation

To the Editor:

Gov. Greg Abbott has made education reform his top priority. This is an urgent matter not only for the Lone Star State, but unfortunately, for most of America.

Along with an increase in teachers’ pay and focus on college and work force readiness, it can become the solution to a myriad of problems in the education field.

Jeb Bush, the founder and chairman of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, pointed to those deficient areas both local and national.

Right now, one-third of America’s fourth- and eighth-grade students are reading at grade level.

Worldwide, the USA ranks 31st.

Only 40 percent were ready for college. This at a time when employers need workers with strong math skills.

Equally important is solid reading skills.

The ability to read by third grade is extremely important to their success throughout school.

If one considers that 56 percent of Texas students are currently failing to meet third-grade reading standards, early improvements in literacy is a must.

The biggest factor in a student’s success is a quality education.

Paying them well is essential (as well as financial infrastructure).

Daniel Patrick Moynihan, during the Johnson administration, in his 1965 report, wrote against lowering academic standards for minorities instead of improving their educational opportunities.

Racial preference should not play a part in correcting a national problem.

Despite some major flaws, Affirmative Action is still used by Harvard and Yale.

By all accounts it has failed to achieve its goals of racial parity and improved performance.

P.C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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