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Reader says exchange of Bergdahl for five terrorists was an illegal act


To the Editor:

Watching the political theater’s latest act — the exchange of Sgt. Bergdahl for five terrorists — causes me to want to vomit in disgust as we witness yet another illegal move by this administration.

Bergdahl was and is regarded by those who knew him best, as a deserter, and possible traitor whose reckless behavior caused the death of at least six of his fellow soldiers sent to search for him.

According to one of his former brothers in arms, Jeff Howard, also of Bravo Company. 1-501st Infantry, Airborne, “he (Bergdahl) deserted his post and sought the company of the Taliban.”

The ultimate insult to his former comrades was the media portrayal of him as a soldier who was captured in battle.

When Bergdahl was promoted to sergeant in absentia, they realized his status was going to be misrepresented by design, and not because the truth of his actions was unknown.

For us to negotiate with the Taliban, a band of terrorists, and not a warring state, is regarded as a cardinal sin in attempting to garner alliances with other nations threatened by terrorist riff-raff. 

This repulsive man, who rejected his comrades and his country, is now seen as a celebrity and someone who we can regard as one of our own, delivered back to us from the clutches of evil.

We are fools; that has been proven time and again when we deal with other nations. We actually released five of their top planners and leaders in exchange for a deserter who in communication with his parents denounced the United States, and who by his hateful, treasonous act increased the misery and death of friends.

Don Fender