To the Editor:

Re: Higher Raises?: No, let them go!

I am responding to the July 16 article about the Killeen officials’ proposed higher raises for police and fire personnel.

In my opinion, we need to make room for people who need jobs. If trained people want to move for a raise, let them go. Killeen citizens live modest lives with modest incomes.

Things that make you go “hmmm” are the past relationships of city managers in Killeen and all this talk about raises all of a sudden; especially considering the recall, scandals and misuse of city taxes for hush money for certain friends.

The raises proposed by our current city manager are excessive for our community.

We need to use vacated jobs for the unemployed.

Yes, we have a very good training program.

Let’s continue to train people and give new employees a chance.

We need to be more frugal with citizen tax dollars in Killeen.

Claudia L. Brown, Ph.D.

Former council member


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10 -11 months of training to be effective ,After graduation from all the police training and he is hired ,doesn't seem that it would take that long for him or her to know how to turn on the flashing lights and write a ticket. on the job training every time they stop someone three or fore others show up, than they stand around and talk to each other. on a football team every player can't play every position. Are they all being trained for the swat team.They signed on because of job security no layoffs ,no forced reduction and after the tax paying public paid for all their training our elected leadership didn't require any contract. well we will fix that give them a big pay raise maybe they will stay. I vote no --if you want to leave --move out.


I agree with Ms. Brown. Higher Raises – No, let them go.
This city manager and mayor is going overboard. First the city manager put in for 'ALL' city service employee get a 3 % raise. The city council acquiesced. Now the city manager and the mayor is calling for an 5 % additional raise for KPD and KFD and threatening for it to go even higher. The city manager is saying 'we can swing this because of the budget'. Does he already include this proposed pay increase in a budget that is finalized? If is then city council, look closely at what other entitlements that are 'hidden' in his proposed budget. I say again, consider the COL in Austin verses Killeen and if the patrolman wants 'to jump ship', let him because he will never be satisfied.
One of the 1 % who voted.


One thing that make me go "hmmm":

This letter


A good patrolman/woman is a value to the city they work for. .A supervisor even more so.
There are a lot of crazy's in the area as we've been allowed to see.
A patrolman doesn't ever know what or who or how many he may walk upon while patrolling, The citizens deserve someone who knows how to react when these situations happen.
I would prefer that it would be possible to have 2 riding in a patrol car ,especially at night. When those crazy's or trouble makers start to come alive and go out on the streets or start leaving the bars.

Some one was mentioning to me that some at least, of the patrolmen, should be allowed to take their cars home, a good crime deterrent for a neighborhood.

Its not easy being a law enforcement officer, I believe we need to give as good a salary as can be afforded. And show appreciation to these people, who can be our 1st line of defense in times of trouble or trouble makers.

Robert Clemons

After the hiring process is over with and a recruit is hired, it takes a minimum of 10-11 months for training to be completed before a recruit officer can work by themselves and be effective. How can we continue to hire, train and loose officers and ever expect to fill the vacancies?


Good police officers (ones with compassion/horse sense) are hard to keep.The ones worth keeping are a million dollar asset to a community. We need to pay these guys and pay em well.


it's probably best, in retrospect, that you were not elected to any office.

You see, you get what you pay for. Pretty simple.

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