To the Editor:

I read an article where 150 people from 40 different countries received their U.S. citizenship (Nov. 17, KDH).

Now, how can that many people from other countries want to (become citizens) — and will, by the articles of this country’s Founding Fathers?

This is the reason we are in such a case, because, for example, we don’t have a common language, English.

Many people are gravitating to this country as a means of escape and don’t care about this country nor its heritage.

So we continue to mire in this mess. We are willing to say it’s America, but they don’t know a thing about its foundation,

Dennis Drury


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I would add to this discourse that not only do immigrants not know about what is the American culture, the heritage, and it's basis, and I would add 'refugees that have poured into this country'. They just don't care about this country's heritage and culture.

And one other note: How can we 'change our descriptor' of what it is to be an American when so many people now use other terms like, 'African American, Muslim American, or any of the other aberrations that are now associated with 'our national heritage'.

I have researched, 'Naturalization and just a brief comment:

Two articles of Naturalization that present itself.

I will support the Constitution of the United States.
I understand and am willing to take an oath of allegiance to the United States.
This is not even alluded to that individuals 'support by taking an oath of allegiance to the United States because they don't.

Attachment D - Naturalization Eligibility Worksheet

I cannot read, write or speak basic English

Should not be a cause for waving the English requirement. I don't think it used to be.

On the flip side: 'Indigenous Indian Cultures'.

People are still complaining about President Trump in general and the act of being overly sensitive and being 'Politically Correct', and it should not be. Save it for something 'important'.

One such issue has been brought about by President Trump's use of the language, 'Pocahontas' and that has aroused the Navajo's. Why????

I guess one avenue that has been open for us is to just say, 'The H*ll With It and dissolve this Union, give it back to the Indians. Boy I wouldn't like to see the stampede of other nations trying to get control. Where would the Indians be then.

Dennis Drury

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