To the Editor:

I recently had a very interesting discussion, actually more like an argument, with an old friend. The reason? The president’s decision to withdraw from the Iran Accord.

In a typical response from a Trump hater, he said this decision, as well an any decision taken up to date, will turn into a total disaster for the U.S. He also said because of him (Trump), we will be involved in a full-scale nuclear war in no time at all.

My response went in the proverbial one ear and out the other, but I honestly believe the president was correct in his assessment of the “deal.” For one, because President Obama could not get enough votes to run it through Congress. Most of the Democratic leadership, starting with Sen. Charles Schumer, called it flawed and a danger to foreign policy. So, Obama used his big weapons; a pen and a phone, and made it an executive order, to bypass Congress.

The deal allows inspections, but with these proviso: Iranian leadership must be informed of the visits at least 30 days ahead of time. How nice. Economic sanctions were lifted and billions of dollars in Iranian money held in foreign banks were released. The deal does not preclude Iran from firing or testing ballistic missiles. Add to that $150 billion in cash held by the USA and flown to Iran by a special flight. A few hostages were released but not before the money arrived.

In addition, in eight years,  Iran can increase advanced centrifuges by 30 percent.  Twenty-four months later it can be doubled, and 15 years from the signing, it expires.

If one looks at the deal objectively, it appears that the U.S. and its allies were played like an old violin.

The financial windfall allowed Iran to continue to spread terrorism (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, etc.). The president left the door open to restructure the agreement and I hope that common sense prevails if they do.

No one wants a nuclear war, but we must deal from a position of strength. To preserve peace, one must be ready for war.

P.C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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