Reader says Kavanaugh charges stem from hatred for president

To the Editor:

These are strictly my personal views and opinion on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s character assassination process.

First, he undergoes a rigorous and, at times, traumatic question/answer session in which he was subjected to vile intrusions designed to damage and discredit his reputation.

Never mind that his two small daughters were present. There were insinuations made to destroy his integrity. It even brought his Mom to tears.

When the process was completed and all that was left was the vote, a letter surfaced from an unknown  female (at the time), accusing him of attempted rape. This particular information had been in the possession of Sen. Diane Feinstein and was leaked to the press.

Why hold that information until the procedures were over?

When the alleged author surfaced, it turned out to be a lifelong Democrat and donor to the party residing in California. According to reports, she was a 15-year-old attending a high school senior’s party and was totally intoxicated at the time.

She does not remember how she arrived home that day, nor the location of the room in question. Later, a senator from Hawaii came on television to remind everyone that there should be no question about the veracity of her statement, that she had suffered for years. Yet, according to the records, Kavanaugh had six previous background checks done by the FBI, with no derogatory information found.

The delay caused by the letter allowed others to join the bandwagon. Coincidentally, they are also Democrats. The party of the left has short- and long-term memory deficit; actually selective will apply quite well.

John F. Kennedy was a good man with enormous charisma and one of the most prolific womanizers in presidential history. He was also protected by the press and an ever vigilant Democratic Party.

Bill Clinton had numerous affairs and charges brought against him while governor of Arkansas and continued in the White House.

Had it not been for an infamous blue dress, everything would have been swept under the proverbial rug.

All these individuals were given the innocent until proven guilty criteria.

In the case of the judge, it is the opposite. At this point it is not so much about the “Roe vs Wade” issue; it is just blind, unending hatred for the president and the overwhelming desire to see him fail, and they will not stop, regardless of the circumstances.

P.C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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I agree they hate Trump but they would have done this to Kavanaugh no matter who picked him. Kavanaugh's name first came up
as a possible Supreme Court pick in April of 2012 when Romney was running against Obama. An article in The Boston Globe speculated that Kavanaugh would be picked by Romney (or the next Republican to became President.) This is when Blasey-Ford sought counseling with her allegations about Kavanaugh. Romney loses and Blasey-Ford takes no further action. Trump wins in 2016 and when he picks Kavanaugh, Blasey-Ford goes public. IMO None of this is coincidence. It is a planned and plotted political hit job executed by Progressive Democrats traveling through life on their high road.


To see both of their High School Yearbooks you need to Google ,Christine Ford's Blasey 82,83,84, yearbooks. She scrubbed most of her information but the information is still available. The young people in the early 80's were no different than all the generations before and after them. We should not even be talking about what happened when you were 15 and 17. Especially after 36 years . If you believe the stories in the yearbook, its a wonder if they remember anything from that period in their life.

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