To the Editor:

The current affairs in Killeen, (involving fired city mechanic John) Acker and others, show a growing trend among all taxpayer-supported branches of government — be it teachers, city council, police, paramedics — to sweep under the rug, ignore, fail to arrest, excuse because they did not know the “shop” rules about “stealing.”

God forbid that the “rule of law” tarnish the image of government in Killeen.

If that were a 25-year reign of pot growers that had been busted, it would be, “WOW, look at us.”

What a job your servants are doing for you.

As is, it’s “nothing to see here, taxpayers,” so just move along. Move along or show me your papers.

Joe Brown


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From the information that has been provided by city management, it would appear that the city let its employees, including an officer of the law (because he didn't know the rules) steal and get away with it.

However, information that has been revealed from several other sources paints a different picture.

The "audit/investigation" was a farce - a tactic employed by the city mgr. to eliminate key employees, primarily one who was trying to stop him from breaking the rules and wasting taxpayer dollars - an employee who continually objected to him abusing his power w/ taxpayer dollars.

Unfortunately, the city mgr. couldn't tie the finance director to any theft whatsoever and had to terminate her for "past issues" that he couldn't define at the time he fired her - or for the months following her termination. In fact, he refused to define the past issues for which she was terminated until he was forced to do so at her termination appeal hearing, approximately six months after he placed her on admin. leave (later firing her).

And at that time, it was determined that he didn't have a shred of documentation to support ANY of his claims concerning any issues.


Once in the local investigation, the name of an officer of the law's name came into the picture involving use of service from what was being bought, and paid for by the tax payers, and in which same investigation included acts of theft on such a high scale from nearly all others at the same location.
An outside agency should have been brought in to do an investigation of the entire group. Since a show of favoritism has now been shown in the publics eyes.


This caused the board that heard her appeal to unanimously rule that she should be reinstated, a ruling Glenn (the city mgr.) chose to completely disregard, which is consistent with the manner in which he chose to waste the taxpayers' funds - contrary to the rules by overriding the objections of those trying to get him to follow those rules.

The real problem is that in his haste to conduct the pretend investigation, one which yielded no conclusive results concerning the items stolen, the dates, and the individuals involved in and aware of the thefts (remember, everyone just brought back any items they might've taken - mostly from the recycle bin for a group picture - no questions asked), Glenn forgot that if they were going to use this "investigation" as an excuse to get rid of people, the public might question why no one else (including those who took so much more than the two he chose to terminate, especially John Acker - who actually took nothing more than a small partially used can of oil - with the permission of his supervisor) weren't held accountable.

It might be that Glenn planned to hold the mgrs. at the highest levels (excluding himself, of course) accountable, but chose to include Acker after he angered Chief Baldwin during his interview of him - by naming an officer who had participated in more serious thefts - the same kind of thefts that had resulted in the former Fleet Services Director (Strickland) being fired.

And even though police were likely involved in the charges against Strickland (for personal use of city resources), Chief Baldwin didn't even write up his officer who admitted to the same conduct - because it seemed unfair given that his officer didn't know that using city resources for personal gain was against the rules.


If it weren't for the termination appeal hearings of Ms. Gonzales and Mr. Acker, these events (such as the lack of accountability for those involved) wouldn't have been brought to the forefront. Glenn never expected this additional information to be brought to the public's attention.

Acker and Gonzales requested public hearings to ensure the public was informed, but city mgt. intentionally scheduled those hearings for 8:30 AM on a Wednesday, limiting public attendance. They also banned the hearings from being video recorded, which was stated to be contrary to standard practice (and unheard of by subject matter experts who were quoted in the KDH).

While I agree that it's completely unacceptable to allow city employees to steal without punishment, it seems like the public will see there is a lot more to this story as more information is revealed.

The abuse of power and waste of monies for an investigation that yielded no results - and served no purpose, since there was no accountability (and primarily addressed items from the recycle bin that employees felt safe bringing in) seems like a much larger issue - and a far more serious threat to the taxpayers.

The city doesn't want to talk about the real wastes of taxpayer dollars - like the fact that it paid out $30,000 to buy the silence of Glenn's former girlfriend/employee after she was fired - and paid out $750,000 to buy the silence of the former city mgr., with Glenn rushing that agreement/amount straight over to the former city mgr's house. It seems like we might want to know what was being concealed, since it was worth so much (of the taxpayers dollars) to keep it silent.

Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er

"Excuse because they did not know the “shop” rules about “stealing.” Is this for real?
Anyone with any amount of common sense knows the "rule" about stealing...stealing is wrong and thieves will be prosecuted.

We are talking about adults here that committed a crime, not a bunch of kindergarteners. How the City of Killeen has handled this issue and many others speaks volumes about the city leaders values...they have none.

Just sweep this under the carpet and all will be forgotten. There needs to be an investigation into the handling of this crime. Yes, taxpayers, it is a crime to steal.
Even when you work for the City of Killeen.

Guess the City of Killeen is still the City Without Limits.

For shame on the city leaders...making a joke of Killeen.
The city's image is being destroyed and it won't get any better unless someone with a backbone is in charge.

Randy Johnson

Glenn got caught Cheating on his wife but got hired as manager. Thats kinda like in the movie Jerry McGuire. He Shoplifted the @@@@@.. I will keep it clean!!!!


@ What a job your servants are doing for you.

You need not bring it to the tax payers of Killeen's attention, that they were expected to be fools, and to let by gones be by gones when they've been stolen from,
Under Criminal Law in Texas, even the lessor of the thefts,
would equal out to a Class C Misdemeanor.

The excuse that the rules of employment being ,you do not steal from the company no matter if its ,property, or theft of service, was not known is unacceptable.
And should be offensive to the citizens in itself.
It shows a sign of disrespect, for the ones paying the bills and paying for the pay checks of these people.

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