To the Editor:

Oh, good!

Now we not only have to watch for the vehicles crossing two lanes in front of us to get off NOW, the drivers who repeatedly cross solid lines and almost cause an accident.

We’re back to needing to watch for people running red lights and causing accidents.

Aren’t we lucky!

If someone driving my vehicle ran a red light and I received the ticket, I wouldn’t be the one paying it, would you?  

The red-light cameras have been proven to cut back on accidents, have they not?

They have been proven to add badly needed money to Killeen’s budget, have they not?  

Now we get to go back to more accidents at red lights, less money in the city’s ability to pay for more officers, equipment, etc.

Is this because someone voted against them because some drivers (possible voters) are unhappy about having to stop at red lights?

If I break a traffic law, I would expect to pay a ticket.

I would also be grateful if I didn’t cause an accident.

Think about this, please.

V.K. Krieger


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I would suggest the community to have night vision camera around the area.




The Vehicle Registration office enforcing that the red light camera ticket is paid shows that this is just another tax to generate revenue.


The problem with these cameras is not that citizens are concerned about getting a ticket for something they did wrong. It is all about not being able to have your day in court if necessary to dispute a citation. The process is solely to generate revenue, not to make the streets safer.


The letter writer is a perfect example of a closed mind. It's obvious he has not done his homework and just repeating words he's been programmed to repeat.

Dr Strangelove

Puleeeezeeeee! What an orgy of buffoonery

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