To the Editor:

KISD needs to focus on making some internal changes that will make a difference in the facilities we already have rather than focusing on building new ones.

As a mother of two boys, I want to give my opinion. I’ve been through a lot with KISD since I moved here in 2010. If you wonder why there is so much crime in the streets of Killeen, well let me tell you. There are absolutely no incentives to keep our children in school. They have no free time during the entire 8-hour day to socialize with each other. They can’t even socialize at lunch time and recess? Forget it.

KISD focuses solely on academics and their extracurricular activities are not only limited, but also boring. When I was in school, we went on field trips every year, we traveled to our sports events on buses outside of the city limits, and those bus rides were exciting.

We had pep rallies every game day during football season.

This is just a small idea of what motivated us to make good grades so we could attend these events that all of our classmates were going to also be attending.

Once the young students drop out of school, what else is there for them to do except get into trouble running the streets? You certainly can’t find a decent job without an education.

So maybe we should consider putting a little more funding into providing some type of extracurricular incentives to keep our children in school and enjoying their time there.

School isn’t supposed to be all bad. I remember not liking the early morning start but once I was at school, I had some fun. My 14-year-old son was miserable in KISD; he was depressed. The only thing that made him feel like he fit in was his variety of name-brand tennis shoes.

I sent him to live with his father to try school down in Blooming Grove, and the first thing he told me the first day of school was, “Mom, at lunch time, we can sit wherever we want to sit, by our friends if we want, and we are allowed to talk, too!”

That made me happy but sad at the same time. I have another child in elementary school here, and if things don’t change in KISD before he reaches middle school, I will send him to live with his father also.

I love my kids being with me. But with the way the schools are in Killeen right now, we are preparing our youth for a future in prison rather than a future in the real, successful world!

Let’s make some changes that will matter to them.

Cathryn Short


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Killeen patriot

sorry to hear your children had a bad experience at KISD. It sounds like you are judging the whole district on the schools that your children attended. Did you know that lunch policies are set by that specific schools administration? My son is in high school and he loves lunch time. He sits with his friends, can talk, can even go outside and use his phone. Overcrowding and having classes of 30 - 40 students is probably the biggest reason for drop out rates. When you have classes so large, teachers cannot devote as much time to students who are struggling and might be afraid to let the teacher know. If we had better teacher to student ratios, we will see better instruction and engagement. The only solution to this problem is more facilities.

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