To the Editor:

To the people who are on the bond (steering) committee or going to vote on it, you need to think how the Killeen Independent School District builds schools.

They say they are overcrowded when they build a new school but they don’t build them big enough.

They build a school, then next year they put up portable buildings to handle the overcrowded school.

Why not add an additional wing to the school when they build? An additional wing would give you about 10 extra classrooms to prevent this.

Take a good look at this, Killeen residents.

Gerald Green

Copperas Cove

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Heights Teacher

If the high schools in plano are built for 4000 kids then they must have a slew of unoccupied classrooms. Their greatest school population is 2800.


I totally 100% agree with Mr Greeen, It makes better sense & would defintely save the KISD taxpayers money if KISD were to expand the Hs campuses at Killeem, Ellison, Shoemaker & Heights before building anymore new high schools. the trouble is KISD only builds a new Hs to accomdate 2,500 students, it only takes 10 yrs for them to start to be overcrowded , many cities in Texas with the rapid population growth of Killeen-Harker Heights does this, for example Plano HS schools all build their campuses to house over 4,000 students prior to building a new high school, same holds true for all the Dallas-Fort Worth Area High School Districts.

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