To the Editor:

Let’s talk about roads some more.

But, before I do, let’s view some previously published info:

Re: Time of construction for past projects. Again, I remind everybody that the NYC Empire State Building was completed, start to finish, in 365 days. That’s right; one year to the day. You can add another four months for the hole it went into.

Again other projects, Caesar’s Bridge across the Rhine, the first two bridges to cross the Rhine River on record, were built by Julius Caesar and his legionaries during the Gallic War in 55 BC and 53 BC.

Strategically successful, they are also considered masterpieces of military engineering.

The first bridge: The construction of this bridge showed that Julius Caesar, and Rome could go anywhere, if they only they had a few days. Since he had over 40,000 soldiers at his disposal, they built the first bridge in only 10 days using local lumber.

The second bridge: Two years later, close to the site of the first bridge, possibly at today’s Urmitz (near Neuwied), Caesar erected a second bridge, built “in a few days”, as described in Book 6 (Liber VI). (Days not years)

So now we have the fixing of the drainage problems on 190/IH14. Three months already and growing. By the way, when was the last time anyone has seen a TxDOT person with a transit checking out the actual roadwork in progress? If a person like that exists, does he/she understand crown and pitch and how to check it DURING a pour?

The III Corps and Fort Hood commander should require reading of Empire State Building and Caesar’s bridge accomplishments by the entire Public Works Department of Fort Hood.

Santa Fe Boulevard is at least nine months in the making. You need an Indian guide or a Cav Scout to lead you to the post recycle center.

How about behind that hardware store on 190/IH-14 in Harker Heights? That’s two years I’m familiar with.

And lastly, the FM 2410 bridge on 190/IH14. Does anyone care what we do to local merchants on these exploits?

If Gov. Abbott is smart, he’ll start calling for an accounting at TxDOT and fire some “contract managers” who have never been to a construction course.

Roger “ODie” O’Dwyer


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