At least once in a lifetime, everyone should go to a horse race.

My wife and I were fortunate to experience one recently. The pageantry, enthusiasm, and excitement are contagious.

Although a full slate of horses was to participate in the race, two horses were definitely favored by both the crowd and wager board.

The opening of the gates is exciting but as the race progressed, one could just feel the excitement building.

People in the bleachers seemed to be divided — those to the right favored one of the horses and the left side (our side) strongly favored the other.

As the horses made the final turn, everyone was standing, shouting, waving hands, spilling drinks, etc.

The two favorites were nose to nose with the rest being three lengths behind.

PHOTO FINISH. The entire crowd was sweating bullets. Who won? Who won? Who won?

After some expletives, my side of the bleachers realized our pick had lost. People were throwing things; some actually burst into tears; others were simply dazed.

How could this happen? What went wrong? A group of us went to headquarters demanding that authorities examine the photo equipment, its operator, the company that produced it.

Others demanded that the race either be re-run or the winner be disqualified.

These protests being unsuccessful, we turned our attention to the jockey, trainer, owner, etc.

The jockey and trainer spoke with a pronounced accent and we discovered the horse’s owner was a foreigner.

How were the Russians able to affect the outcome of this race?

Gary Ragsdale

Copperas Cove

(3) comments

Gary Caraway

Very clever writing. I think you fooled some people.


They didn't. Why don't you go join that other loon lib from Gatesville?


Hard to believe KDH published this letter. Trump just paid out $25,000,000- Trump University fraud. I hope you got your money back!

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