To the Editor:

I want to start off with a quote; “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer.  Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past.  Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.”

­— John F Kennedy

These are powerful words.  We need to make the right decisions to remove hate.  Our government has afforded us the ability to hate — be it race, color, creed or even political parties.

We, as Americans, are better than all of this. To be able to take the best of both parties and put them to use would be an incredible feat.  

Our Senate is made up of people who have no regard for anyone on the other side of the political party, and in the process have made the worst mistake, and that’s hate.

I think that if we as communities, cities and local governments would strive to be better neighbors,WE could make a difference.  We need to learn to accept and tolerate more than we do.  We’re all created equal, but somewhere we decided that it is acceptable to be the stewards of society and make decisions that affect love, life and the happiness of others.

We are all created equal  in that we can believe whatever we want, but to become so incredibly “holy” in the sense that we can destroy lives without remorse because others don’t believe the way we do is inhumane and thoughtless.

Who said they were right?  Where did our sense of family, God and country go?  We need to respect and accept differences in each other.  The radicals that kill and maim are not who we represent.  

We should be doing the best we can for our neighbors, our communities and our city government. We need to show our government that we can do better than them. Maybe they would take note of our progress and empathy and create their own, which would trickle down to more compromise and tolerance.  

We need to make the change that will affect others in the humane direction rather than to take from or beat down.  Let’s start with us.

Kathee Steubing


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