To the Editor:

“No Time for God’s Creatures”

How many times have you heard people say, “the reason we or I don’t adopt or raise an animal is that I work, I’m too busy, I can’t give an animal the time it requires to be happy, I have little kids at home, I’m allergic to them, I can’t afford it, too expensive, etc.” Same old blah, blah...

You know what? It seems as if the selfish “I” always wins this argument and justification. ...

Have you ever looked into a cat or dog’s eyes that is in a shelter and is hoping to be adopted and saved? The selfish “I’s” seem to almost always win. The selfish “I’s” always walk away.

How many times have you opened the newspaper and visited the Pet’s Services Directory to view photos of “Your New Best Friend”?

It seems to be the case that these prospective pet owner/savers always have the time to follow their own desires and activities. There is always enough time to enjoy ourselves but not that extra caring or time to save a pet’s life and to let it be part of your family.

A rescued pet will pay you back a hundred times with its affection and love.

Even an older, discarded pet will thank you for a warm, safe home and the companionship it once had.

All a pet needs is a chance at life. Some pets will never see that chance because it’s not in the cards and God will receive them with tears.

William Mulkins


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Mamma Griz

The excuse "I am allergic" is a valid one. Some people can't hav a dog because of allergies-- but I guess this guy would rather live with allergies. Of course, there are some dogs that are OKI for peoploe with allergies.

Back then, I could take care of a pet and the only pets we had were adopted. But I can hardly take care of myself now. So sir, what complaint do you have about that. Maybe you are younger than I am and can care for a pet. Just wait till you get older and unable to do what you used to do.

I used to be able to drive cattle and care for goats and sheep-- and pigs. But I'm having problems now.

So don't be critical if you aren't in their shoes. I wish I could care for a pet-- other than two stray cats who live outside. But if the one trips me he goes-- I can't go through that.

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