To the Editor:

I decided to watch the new “Noah” movie last week.

After digesting the full serving of this digital four-course meal, I give this a grade of D. The only thing about this movie that was true to the story of Noah were the following:

a. The presence of Noah

b. The boat

c. The flood

Additionally, the artistic license of this film should be suspended. I think I enjoyed the popcorn more. Some people in the theater got up and left about halfway through the showing.

The prevailing message of this film was “man is evil” and “man destroys his environment.” The film is more fantasy-filled than fact and I say “The Blair Witch Project” movie was done better for about 1/10th the cost.

I am not sure what this film is saying; it is not saying much about the life of Noah. This is a complete insult to the integrity of the film industry as well as the biblical, Koranic and Torah story versions of Noah.

Stephen Spees

Copperas Cove

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it's a MOVIE. Not a DOCUMENTARY. Get over it.

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