To the Editor:

Having watched the president make his weird and morale-degrading speech to graduates of the U.S. Military Academy, I was eager to see him turn on oratory magic as he addressed the graduates of University of California-Irvine.

Regardless of whether you agree with his political philosophy, or his world view, you cannot deny the man has a magnificent voice, and excellent pronunciation, abetted by precise timing.

That being said, I was equally disappointed in the content of his presentation.

The president claimed deniers of “manmade climate change” are stubborn rejecters of “scientific evidence.”

Knowing the indoctrination these graduates had undergone, from a university built and maintained by liberal professors who never worked a day in their lives outside the “higher education” environment, and who will preach whatever fad science comes with a fat research grant to be scientifically proven, I had to believe his speech was extracted from one of their published papers.

When he said doubters believe manmade climate change is a “liberal plot,” he unknowingly hit the nail on the head.

Anyone who studied science beyond the ninth grade will be able to point out that proving man-caused climate change is impossible, and beyond the scope of empirical validation.

Climate change is nebulous and continuous, and more importantly; caused by the sun, and its full range of unstable properties.

The president’s hidden agenda is to cripple domestic energy production, increase government spending on unproven technologies who in turn give some of their ill gotten grants to charlatan politicians who wait their turn at the trough filled by tax revenues extorted by the same companies he seeks to destroy.

This is not the president’s strong point, because it affects the lives of the WORKING middle class.

Don Fender


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They want to scare us into a global warming tax on energy consumption, another revenue stream thats all. And what will that do? Nothing but take our money!


"Climate change" is a hoax.

It is a program of leftist fascism designed to destroy our industrial foundations of the free market and make the people reliant on government.

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