To the Editor:

America, why are we tearing ourselves apart? There are forces at work that many do not comprehend or even understand. What I am talking about are the cultural forces of the ultra-right and the alt-left.

The ultra-right has been in existence for decades, the latest of which is the ultra-right movement. They have gone on the offensive to assert their rights.

The alt-left emerged from the progressive movement in the early 1920s. During the Obama era, they were the Occupy Wall Street crowd. Now they have morphed into Antifa. They claim to be anti-fascist to counter the ultra-right.

One group bows at the altar of white supremacy while the other bows at the altar of socialism. Both proclaim fascist ideologies, expressing if you don’t think or agree with their point of view, you are wrong. What both groups are trying to do is pit white against black in America.

America, what you need to understand is that there is a power behind these movements dedicated to the destruction of this country.

The real problem in America is that we are blinded to the truth and have a sin problem. We have walked away from God and as a result, these fringe groups are growing. This is nothing other than a dark -vs- light problem. Americans really need to return to God. Each of us has a decision to make. Will we walk in the light of Jesus or perish in the darkness of our own sin?

Lynn Crafton

Harker Heights

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