To the Editor:

What has this country come to when we have a sitting president with a history of assaulting women and boasting on video that grabbing women by their privates is a privilege for being rich and important, and a senatorial candidate Roy Moore with all the traits of a pedophile?

What’s disgusting about these two men is how their supporters choose to continue to support and elect them against mounds of creditable evidence of assaults, and the idea of not holding them accountable for past predator behavior is dead wrong.

Once a predator always a predator. I get it that people want a shakeup of government, but there are consequences to putting sick people in positions of leadership.

Consequences are many, but the biggest is making it acceptable to elect sick people who prey on the weak and helpless.

If the strong will not protect children and women, who in my eyes are sacred, who will? As my grandmother used to say, “tell me who you hang around with and I will tell you who you are.”

Art Resa


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Art Resa would like to make this a "Republican" thing because he still hasn't come to accept the reality of the election results. But, fact is, this is a wide spread problem on Capitol Hill. With almost 250 harassment complaints settled using our tax dollars (to the tune of over $17m) it would be wise to get over Trump winning and concentrate on the real problem.


give us your thoughts on the serial harasser, rapist, and liar bill clinton.


Of course you'd rather have a president who is head of the Klintoon Krime Kartel.

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