To the Editor:

If you are Catholic, then you can’t be pro-choice. That’s the message on the back of KOOV radio station’s staff car. It is owned by Armor of God — Catholic Radio.

There was a lot of other advertising on the car, but this one really got me thinking. Do all Catholics believe this?

Gov. Cuomo of New York indicated that even though he is Catholic, he would not impose his religious beliefs on others.

I used to teach U.S. History, and our forefathers were adamant about not having religion imposed on our citizens.

In Europe, ever since the Roman Empire set Christianity as the official religion, the religious authority and the government were usually the same. The King was ordained by God and so on.

Strange as it may seem, those escaping religious persecution to come to America, set up religion as the the colony’s religion/government, except for Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

In writing our Constitution, separation of church and state were enacted, even though our laws do reflect our Judeo-Christian heritage.

In Colonial Virginia, you were fined if you didn’t attend church.

I am personally opposed to abortion and believe it should be the last resort.

Worldwide we see religion being imposed on others in righteous ways that do not reflect the basic beliefs of tolerance, love and compassion that are the founding principles of those religions. In other words, if we radicalize our religion, then we have the right to impose it on others.

I would much rather see our time and energy spent on sex education, how to say “no” in a relationship, birth control and more money for foster care and adoption.

Win the hearts and minds of people to your belief. Don’t use laws, intimidation and polarization to make your point.

Warren Townsend


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