To the Editor:

As humans and citizens who care about our nation and each other, we should promote things that enhance our lives and our communities. This would include improved job safety and improved effectiveness of the unemployment insurance system — protecting the assets of employee welfare and benefit plans so that workers will be assured of their rightful benefits.  

We should also assure equal pay regardless of sex.

We should provide and extend the protection of the federal minimum wage laws.

We must fight for the elimination of discrimination in employment because of race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry or sex.

We must continue to extend programs of assistance to the millions of workers with special employment problems to include older, minority and migratory workers.

We need to continue to advance matters of basic human needs through expansion of Social Security, improved housing and better health protection for all our people.

We should support an immigration policy that is in keeping with the traditions and values of the United States that provide a haven for oppressed peoples and is based on equality of treatment and freedom from discrimination between racial, nationality and religious groups.  

I think these ideas and concepts would make for a great party platform. Oh darn — they were already used.  These were in the Republican Party Platform of 1956.

Unfortunately, these are no longer the values, nor policies implemented, of the current Republican Party.

Sandra Blankenship


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Can't comment on the extensive positions listed; however, I did support the party policies when they wanted the government to: Build my roads; deliver my mail; defend my shores; and stay the h--- out of my business. Now the repubs want to invade citizens' bedrooms; establish one religion; subjugate women and deny them reproductive privacy; destroy paid up Medicare benefits; and dictate to the rest of the world.




So what's your recommendation - vote for democrats and open borders, confiscation of firearms, socialized everything. Thanks but no thanks.

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