To the Editor:

How many times have you heard people say, “We want to take our country back?” But exactly how far back?

Is it back to President Eisenhower when the wealthy had a 90 percent tax rate? Is it back to the ’50s when the overall poverty rate was 22 percent and 35 percent for seniors and 56 percent for blacks, or is it when the average life span was 69 and is it now 79?

How about 30 percent of Americans that had no electricity in 1950? Is it back to 1960, when only 10 percent of Americans had air conditioning? Is it when you graduated from high school and found yourself drafted and on your way to Vietnam but a current president got a deferment for bone spurs that suddenly disappeared when he played tennis, squash and football?

Is it back to President Reagan, who fought against Medicare, which led to better health outcomes for elderly and saved so many from bankruptcy?

Is it when health insurance companies could deny health coverage for almost anything? Is it when your child had cancer and suddenly used up life coverage while still receiving treatment? Is it when your spouse had breast cancer and we had no drugs to fight it?

Or perhaps you want to go back to no Medicare, no Medicaid, pre-existing conditions, higher premiums and higher out of pocket for your health care.

Oh wait — that is the current Wealthcare/Trumpcare bill Congress is trying to pass.

Raymond Arsenault


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Richard North

"Take our country back" is a Republican dog whistle for isolationism and closing our borders. I love this country and would rather live here than anywhere in the world. But Americans have a long history of this kind of thinking. Anytime in history a new group of people came to our shores either by immigrating or through slavery, Americans have discriminated and demonized the new group. Africans, Chinese, Irish, Italians, Japanese, just name a group and you will see examples in history of Americans instituting policies to keep them from living as they do. Why? Because they are different than "we" are.
A Civil war was fought for many reasons but one of the key issues was that of Slavery.
The Irish where considered sub human. The Chinese immigrants who worked on the railroads considered sub human. Slaves "sub human" as well. Japanese Americans during WWII were "interned" (code for imprisoned), because they were not trusted.
What Americans seem to forget is all of us are immigrants to this country.
The only true native American is the Indians and we see what we did to them.
As far as health care goes, well unless we as a country are willing to watch someone die in the streets from being poor and unable to afford health care we will be paying for them at a much higher rate when they show up in the ER with advance disease.
Pay me now or pay me more later is how this works. We either decides that healthcare
should be a fundamental human right or cut all social programs altogether and watch as the poor and in firmed die. In fact why not go the next step and round them all up in camps? Sterilize all people who carry incapacitating diseases. Do away with every non contributing person in our society? That's been done before in our recent history by Germany. We fought a world war against that too. Lest we forget.
Victory and God speed to our troops and their families. Lets pray for wisdom.


Pro-slavery, Anti-Civil Rights, Internment Camps and The Trail of Tears were all supported by Democrats.


To me "taking our country back" means taking it back from the clutches of the American hating, Socialist loving commies known as "Progressives" who are intent on destroying our country from within using their identity politics, class warfare and other failed socialist ideas, not taking it back to a certain point in time...but, that's just me.


Not to worry. The writer is related to that snowflake from Gatesville.


All of this would be preferable to obamacare and the intolerant, criminal rule of hate filled liberals.

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