To the Editor:

In my opinion, the Bell County Tax Appraisal District is picking winners and losers in the Killeen and Harker Heights area.

I have researched the tax rolls and there is nothing fair about the way they levy taxes. It depends who you are.

A property I sold facing I-14 is paying $7.38 per square foot and the property behind it facing Farm-to-Market 2410 is paying $7.68 a square foot.

How can that be fair? Common sense says that’s not right. There are properties up and down West 2410 that are $3 to $5 off what other people are paying, some as low as $1,87 and $2.25 per square foot.

All you have to do is look at Coyote Circle in Harker Heights. There are nine houses on this street. Seven increased by $20,000 plus, one went down $20,000 and one went down $10.

(Bell County Chief Appraiser) Marvin Hahn told me the reason the one house went down $20,000 was because that is what she paid for the house, $161,223.

The optics look really bad, the person who bought the house is an appraiser for Bell CAD. The houses range from $258,546 to $160,223 on this street.

What is Market value? On my street, every house went up in value , some $15,000.

Don’t take my word on it; check the tax rolls for yourself. All I ask is that the property valuations be fair for everyone. At this point in time, I don’t think they are.

People better be prepared for the 2018 valuations and start getting your ducks in a row.

Paul Mennor


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Keep a close eye on Scott Cosper. Meaningful property tax was of no concern to him in the regular session. Now property taxes are wreaking havoc on taxpayers. If meaningful reform doesn't pass in the special session then Scott needs a primary challenger.

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