To the Editor:

President Trump promised that he personally would act to lower drug prices. We hear that he found some time from golfing to actually talk to the drug companies. Of course you have noticed those instant price reductions, right?

A cancer drug, Revlimid, is taken daily and the price just went up to $695.48 per capsule or $20,864.40/month. We are so lucky to hear that this drug manufacturer has promised Trump to raise prices only once a year. Lucky us. The price for a sleeping drug, Zolpimist, was $40 for 30 doses. Now it is $329.50 — an increase of 700 percent this year. Way to go Trump. As you may know diabetes is on the rise for a variety of reasons. One type of insulin, Humolog, has been around for at least 40 years. In 1996, the price of a 10ml bottle of Humolog was $24. Today the price of that same Insulin bottle is over $300. Needles and syringes are not included in this price.

Folks, this is the same insulin and the same bottle — nothing has changed except the extreme price increases and the greediness of Big Pharma. In the first 10 days of July, 10 pharmacy houses have increased the prices of at least 20 brand name drugs. The drug prices for some cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and liver diseases were up almost 10 percent this year. Trump and the do-nothing Congress have done exactly that: Nothing.

Randy Broussard


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Don't expect prescription prices to go down. The multinational drug manufacturing cartel has a strangle hold on all politicians, including but not limited to the executive branch, congress, and the judiciary. They have an obscene financial relationship with the FDA and the ability to illegitimately influence the actions of other regulatory agencies. This is all done with one thing - money. The cartel manages to rob U.S. consumers and then invest a small portion of their haul in political influence. In addition they "buy" doctors and educators and subvert the attention of critics. This is not the case in other "developed" countries, and until the U.S. citizenry accepts that universal single payer healthcare is the only answer to high medical costs, the future looks bleak.

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