To the Editor:

In 1492, the consensus was that the world was flat.

On the 7th of November 2016, the consensus was that the Democrats would win the White House.

Both were wrong, and now the majority of news outlets want to continue to question the results.

They want the old ways where the president telegraphed his military strategy so the enemy can prepare, want an explanation of what “America First” means, and they need an explanation of why an individual who breaks the chain of command is fired, and why now.

They forgot, or did not know, that President Kennedy lowered taxes to get the economy going exactly as President Trump is trying to do, that the Democratic leader Tip O’Neill promised President Ronald Reagan that for his going along with the immigration forgiveness in the 1980s that it would be the last, as they would fix the immigration process.

They forgot that former Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid invoked the nuclear option first.

Last but not least, my parents were members of the Democratic Party all their lives.

I changed parties, while in the military, when President Jimmy Carter made us a paper military and the laughingstock of the world.

President Barack Obama made Carter look good. It’s about time we start enjoying the USA’s resurgence as a world power, not a late-night apologist comic.

W.A. Wright Jr.


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Dr Strangelove

HOOAH! Good letter. Also people look at Heights Teacher this is one of the main problems in our schools today far leftwing wackos teaching our kids. I use to work beside one she’s now a teacher with KISD. She finally admitted the only reason she voted for Obama because she wanted free stuff.

I will add about Jimmy 55 mph Carter we couldn’t do training because we did not have the funds to buy gas for our equipment. Yes Obama does make Carter look good.

Heights Teacher

Thank you for electing a person whom I would not trust alone in a room with my daughter.


But, Slick Willie as "First Dude"... totally acceptable, right?

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