To the Editor:

J. Pym, in a speech said, “Actions speak louder than Words, and are more to be regarded.” in 1736. The phrase was used again by Abraham Lincoln in 1856: “Actions speak louder than words is the maxim ...”

The actions by President Trump show the truth of that statement. We have the midterm election this year and the Democratic Party thinks it can make gains in Congress by its rhetoric vs. what the GOP is actually doing with its actions. I think it’s time to let the loudmouth Democrats know that they can use all the words in the dictionary to explain why they did not do anything during the past administration about immigration, as they promised during the election primaries and control of the Congress and the presidency for two years. Now, that their words have been proved meaningless, why are they attempting to tell the GOP how to do business?

It comes down to who is taking the actions to make the United States better and who just thinks that saying they did a good job is enough. Look at the major cities and states with Democratic leadership. California, Chicago, New York, Houston and others are trying to pick and choose what laws they will follow. The laws they don’t agree with are the ones that are meant to keep our country safe. The ones they agree with cost taxpayers money for noncitizens  who are not supposed to be here.

I was in the military under President Carter (the hollow military) and I felt sorry for the ones under President Obama, but now we have a President in the same vein as President Reagan who made sure the military could do its job. If President Carter or Obama had faced the first or second Iraq conflict, there would not have been a military to rely on.

Lastly, the main media outlets appear to feel that their coverage should be about words, not deeds. I think it’s time that they learn that although words may hurt you, actions can get you killed.

I truly believe that all the Democrats feel they are doing a “good” job, but when you look at their lack of action, it tells a different story, and the individuals who vote for their rhetoric should take a second look without their rose-colored glasses.

W.A. Wright Jr.


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opps sorry here's the link, please feel free to share it.


Oh make sure you watch this video, shows last years city elections where 2 dems are so afraid of losing they actually cheat at the polls here. Best part is seeing one of the dems that are on the ballot for a at large position trying to get to the guy, before he gets filmed. Its shameful she is allowed to be on that ballot again after this. Proud to be a high heeled Republican, I am proud to support my First Lady.


This letter is spot on. However the democrats have done something more than talk. They have done everything in their power to destroy this nation. Under Obama, an anti American Marxist who hates this country, we were going downhill fast. Trump is rapidly restoring America. You cannot vote for a democrat and call yourself a patriotic American.


@don76550 Three Thumbs up, and a great big Hell Ya! Personally, my biggest fear from the Democrats is when they ban all the guns, ban Pit-bulls and other large breeds ( taking your freedom of choice away ), our right to drive a pick-up truck, freedom of speech except theirs. The only thing that will be left will be them banning cows. The nightmares starts with tofu on a stick.

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